Coin Grading - Learn how the professionals grade coins by looking for the characteristics that they use to determine the quality and preservation of a coin.

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View the largest gallery of high-end and Monster rainbow toned Morgan dollars, an informational guide on how to tell natural vs. artificial toning, learn to price toned Morgans, view auction results of rainbow Morgans, and view what characteristics to look for in high-end toned rainbow Morgan dollars.

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Grading Standards

PO-1 Identifiable date and type

FR-2 Mostly worn, though some detail is visible

AG-3 Worn rims but most lettering is readable though worn

G-4 Slightly worn rims, flat detail, peripheral lettering nearly full

G-6 Rims complete with flat detail, peripheral lettering full

VG-8 Design worn with slight detail

VG-10 Design worn with slight detail, slightly clearer

F-12 Some deeply recessed areas with detail, all lettering sharp

F-15 Slightly more detail in the recessed areas, all lettering sharp

VF-20 Some definition of detail, all lettering full and sharp

VF-25 Slightly more definition in the detail and lettering

VF-30 Almost complete detail with flat areas

VF-35 Detail is complete but worn with high points flat

EF-40 Detail is complete with most high points slightly flat

EF-45 Detail is complete with some high points flat

AU-50 Full detail with friction over most of the surface, slight flatness on high points

AU-53 Full detail with friction over 1/2 or more of surface, very slight flatness on high points

AU-55 Full detail with friction on less than 1/2 surface, mainly on high points

AU-58 Full detail with only slight friction on the high points

MS/PR-60 No wear. May have many heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-61 No wear. Multiple heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-62 No wear. Slightly less marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-63 Moderate number/size marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-64 Few marks/hairlines or a couple of severe ones, strike should be average or above

MS/PR-65 Minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike

MS/PR-66 Few minor marks/hairlines not in focal areas, good strike

MS/PR-67 Virtually as struck with minor imperfections, very well struck

MS/PR-68 Virtually as struck with slight imperfections, slightest weakness of strike allowed

MS/PR-69 Virtually as struck with minuscule imperfections, near full strike necessary

MS/PR-70 As struck, with full strike

Copper Designations:

BN Brown - Less than 20% of the copper exhibits copper red color

RB Red and Brown - More than 80% exhibits copper red color

RD Red - More than 80% of the coin exhibits copper red color

Proof Coin Designations:

CAM Cameo - Exhibits considerable contrast between the fields and devices.

DCAM Deep Cameo (UCAM at NGC) - Exhibits massive contrast between the fields and devices.

Business Stike Coin Designations:

PL Prooflike - Exhibits moderate mirror-like surfaces.

DMPL Deep Mirror Prooflike  - Exhibits very deep mirrors usually with frosty devices.

FH Standing Liberty Quarters exhibiting a fully struck head of Liberty.

FS Jefferson Nickels exhibiting fully struck steps on the Monticello building.

FB Mercury Dimes exhibiting fully split bands on the central reverse.

FBL Franklin Half Dollars exhibiting full bell lines on the lower lip of the liberty bell on the reverse.

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