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View the largest gallery of high-end and Monster rainbow toned Morgan dollars, an informational guide on how to tell natural vs. artificial toning, learn to price toned Morgans, view auction results of rainbow Morgans, and view what characteristics to look for in high-end toned rainbow Morgan dollars.

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NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is based out of Sarasota Florida and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by jhonecash.com.

PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service is based out of Newport Beach, CA and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by jhonecash.com.

US Mint - The US Mint is where you can get information regarding modern US coins and can order directly from the US Mint.

Collectors Universe Coin Forum - This is the pulse of the Numismatic market. Join and interact with tens of thousands of other collectors and dealers.

American Numismatic Association - The ANA was started in 1891 and is focused on providing collectors with information and advancing the numismatic knowledge of the collecting community.

TCCS (Toned Coin Collectors Soc.) - This Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the area of toned coins. Join and interact with the friendly members of this lively society of advanced collectors.


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196? 50c NGC Mint Error SMS Kennedy Die Adj. Strike
Rare 50c NGC Mint Error SMS Kennedy Die Adjustment Strike from 196? displays abundant flash. Surprisingly sharp devices considering these mint error specimens usually appear as weakly struck to very weakly struck. This one appears to have been struck too ...
Added: 11/3/2008 Views: 873 Price: Not Available

1956 50c NGC PF64 Type 2 Rainbow Toned Proof Franklin
This massively toned Proof Franklin exhibits deep shades of gold-orange, magenta, and steel blue across the obverse. The reverse is a light gold. The surfaces are wonderfully brilliant and this coin is exceptional looking for a near gem example. NGC has g...
Added: 10/28/2009 Views: 863 Price: Not Available

1946 50c NGC MS65 Nicely Toned Walking Liberty Half
Toned with attractive muted mossy greens and peach golds on both the obverse and reverse, this coin boasts an above average strike and a beautiful original patina. ...
Added: 2/2/2009 Views: 865 Price: Not Available

1958 50c NGC PF68 Beautiful Near Cameo Proof Franklin Half
This black and white Franklin half exhibits near cameo contrast. The deep black abyssal fields set the canvas for the white design elements but they aren''t frosted enough for NGC to assign a cameo designation. NGC Graded this coin a near perfect PF68 wit...
Added: 10/28/2009 Views: 888 Price: Not Available

1939-S 50c NGC MS67 Bright Lustrous Walking Liberty Half
Bright white and lustrous with superb gem surfaces, this Walking Liberty Half boasts a great strike and incredible flashy eye appeal. ...
Added: 4/20/2009 Views: 872 Price: Not Available

1941 50c NGC MS67 Lustrous Superb Gem Walker
Bright and lustrous with an excellent strike and superbly preserved surfaces, this Walking Liberty half is everything you would want in a high-end flashy Walker, including a full split thumb. This coin sells in the $800 to $900 range with exceptionally we...
Added: 2/2/2009 Views: 868 Price: Not Available

1892-S 50c Almost Good Barber Half - Can't have enough!
This piece exhibits an all-over light brown patina and is more heavily worn around the edges of both the obverse and reverse. Slight wispy hairlines are discernable but not distracting on both the obverse and reverse. The reverse has some moderate marks o...
Added: 2/26/2009 Views: 879 Price: Not Available

1946-S 50c NGC MS64 Stormy Rainbow Toned Walking Half
This frosty lustrous Walking Liberty half dollar exhibits a beautiful crescent of stormy purple and plum hues on the lower obverse while the rest of the coin is essentially white. NGC graded this coin an MS64 and the certification number is 3087155-008. ...
Added: 10/28/2009 Views: 916 Price: Not Available

1943 50c PCGS MS67 Beautifully Toned Walking Liberty Half
Amazingly toned in beautiful sunset shades of deep gold and firery golden red over a lustrous obverse. The reverse is essentially white with a hint of nice, original, patina noted. It is very difficult to find nicely toned superb gem MS67 Walking Liberty ...
Added: 4/20/2009 Views: 902 Price: Not Available

1941-D 50c NGC MS67 Marvelous Vivid Yellow Toned Walker
Marvelously lustrous and enveloped in a cartwheel aurora of vivid yellow tinted with very light lime. A typical example of this date typically sells for around $700. However, I can walk down to any coin shop or any coin show and pick up a 1941-D Walker in...
Added: 2/2/2009 Views: 866 Price: Not Available

1980-S 50c PCGS PR67CAM Stunningly Toned Proof Kennedy
This absolutely stunning Proof Kennedy Half was minted just one year before my birth in San Francisco. It then began it''s incredible journey to become the toned beauty that it has become today. Rainbow shades of pink, lime green, royal blue, gold and tan...
Added: 5/27/2009 Views: 887 Price: Not Available

1966 50c PCGS MS67 CAMEO Proof Kennedy Half - SMS
Stunning black and white contrast with watery fields and frosty details. ...
Added: 10/2/2008 Views: 867 Price: Not Available

1950-D 50c PCGS MS64FBL Toned Franklin Half
Toned on the obverse with pleasing lime, gold, and steel blue hues with a natural patination. The reverse has exceptional toning of lime green, ice blue, gold, pink, and emerald green at the rims. ...
Added: 10/2/2008 Views: 883 Price: Not Available

1950 50c PCGS MS65FBL Toned Franklin Half Dollar
The obverse is washed in natural hues of light steely blue and lime green under a nice, original patina. The reverse is intensely lustrous and frosty bright. ...
Added: 10/2/2008 Views: 854 Price: Not Available

1945-D 50c PCGS MS66 Target Toned Walking Liberty Half
Exquisitely toned in a beautiful target pattern on the obverse composed of reddish-gold, orange, teal, lavender and icy blue. The reverse is toned in a deep mottled, yet colorful, pattern that does not obstruct the lustrous surfaces beneath the shimmers o...
Added: 2/2/2009 Views: 918 Price: Not Available

1943-S 50c PCGS MS65 Translucent Rainbow Toned Walker
Booming prooflike luster coupled with blazing golden yellows, pinks, lavenders, and ice blues blending in a translucent pearlesence along the surface in a target pattern on both the obverse and reverse give this coin incredible eye appeal. ...
Added: 2/2/2009 Views: 867 Price: Not Available

1944 50c NGC MS67 Superbly Toned Walking Liberty Half
Encircled by a stunning rainbow of yellow, magenta, blue, teal green, and plum around the perhiphery, this superb gem Walking Liberty half is a gorgeous example in such a lofty grade. A typical example of this coin would sell for anywhere between $750 and...
Added: 2/2/2009 Views: 887 Price: Not Available

1827 50c XF Attractive Original Circulated Bust Half Dollar
This nicely patinated Bust Half is in XF condition exhibiting strong detail on all the high points with lightening of the patina indicating light circulation wear. The fields are dark and original while the higher points exibit lighter patination giving a...
Added: 5/25/2009 Views: 898 Price: Not Available

1897-S 50c Silver Barber Half - About Good Condition
This coin would be a great addition to a low-grade type set. The coin, obverse and reverse, is covered in a rich, amber-grey patina. Both sides exhibit minor hairlines commensurate with moderate handling over the past 112 years. This attractive coin is w...
Added: 2/26/2009 Views: 856 Price: Not Available

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