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View the largest gallery of high-end and Monster rainbow toned Morgan dollars, an informational guide on how to tell natural vs. artificial toning, learn to price toned Morgans, view auction results of rainbow Morgans, and view what characteristics to look for in high-end toned rainbow Morgan dollars.

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NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is based out of Sarasota Florida and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by

PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service is based out of Newport Beach, CA and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by

US Mint - The US Mint is where you can get information regarding modern US coins and can order directly from the US Mint.

Collectors Universe Coin Forum - This is the pulse of the Numismatic market. Join and interact with tens of thousands of other collectors and dealers.

American Numismatic Association - The ANA was started in 1891 and is focused on providing collectors with information and advancing the numismatic knowledge of the collecting community.

TCCS (Toned Coin Collectors Soc.) - This Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the area of toned coins. Join and interact with the friendly members of this lively society of advanced collectors.


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1718 1/4G NGC MS64 Stunning Original Gr. Britan Qtr. Guinea
This 1/4G is extremely rare and is one of two attempts at a 1/4G by Great Britan. In 1762 another issue was produced but suffered the same fate as the early 1718 issue. These coins were too small and were vastly unpopular as higher units of spending power...
Added: 12/12/2008 Views: 980 Price: Not Available

1800 $10 NGC AU58 Turban Head Gold Eagle
Rare 1800 $10 NGC AU58 Turban Head Gold Eagle is a super Choice AU. This gorgeous example of the Heraldic Eagle variety exhibits sharply struck motifs basted in yellow gold with an orangle peel iridescence. Quite rare in such a lofty state of preservation...
Added: 12/12/2008 Views: 958 Price: Not Available

1804 $2.5 NGC AU58 Turban Head Quarter Eagle 14 Stars
Stunning 1804 $2.5 NGC AU58 Turban Head Quarter Eagle 14 Stars. Orange peel golden surfaces are lustrous and well struck lending to wonderful eye appeal. Adjustment marks are numerous on left lower side of reverse. Interestingly, the reverse die used to p...
Added: 12/12/2008 Views: 949 Price: Not Available

1808/7 $5 PCGS MS62 Capped Bust Gold Half Eagle
Wow! Awesome 1808/7 $5 PCGS MS62 Capped Bust Gold Half Eagle: Wide Date, Breen-6454, BD-1, R.6!!! This over date is extremely rare and seldom seen in uncirculated condition! This ultra rare coin is the BD-1 variety, with less than 30 specimens believed to...
Added: 12/12/2008 Views: 948 Price: Not Available

1834 $2.50 NGC AU58 Classic Gold Quarter Eagle
Sharply struck 1834 $2.50 NGC AU58 Classic Gold Quarter Eagle is pleasing. Soft gold with a light orange peel patina. Sharply defined devises are centered in problem free fiends. Nice cartwheel effect evident. Quite Pleasing overall.

A slightly c...
Added: 1/21/2009 Views: 949 Price: Not Available

1837-42 $1 NGC AU58 Bechtler Gold Dollar - 28g N Reversed
1837-42 $1 NGC AU58 Bechtler Gold Dollar - 28G N Reversed. Beautiful near-mint Bechtler Gold Dollar is toned in a lovely orange peel with strong gold hue. The reserved N is bold and prominent. Incredibly well preserved and rare in this nice a state of pre...
Added: 12/12/2008 Views: 952 Price: Not Available

1849 $5 NGC MS62 Territorial Moffat Gold Five Dollars
Lovely 1849 NGC MS62 Territorial Moffat Gold Five Dollars is well preserved with frosty golden and highly lustrous fields and fully struck devices. Moffat & Co. was considered the most important private coiners in California. Interestingly on the coronet ...
Added: 9/29/2008 Views: 961 Price: Not Available

1849 $5 PCGS F15 Norris, Gregg, & Norris Five Dollar Gold
Considered by collectors as the first of the California private gold coins, this 1849 PCGS F15 Norris, Gregg, & Norris Five Dollar Gold is a "fine" piece of history. Well preserved for the grade orange peel and burnt gold hues engulf nicely struck devices...
Added: 9/29/2008 Views: 971 Price: Not Available

1852 $50 NGC VF25 U.S. Assay 887 Thous. Gold Slug
Medium to deep golden in color with coppery hues in the protected areas, this attractive and large $50 slug is of the "887 Thous" variety. Octagonal fifty dollar "slugs," as they were issued by the San Francisco U.S. Assay Office, are iconic symbols of th...
Added: 9/24/2008 Views: 973 Price: Not Available

1853 $1 PCGS AU58 Territorial Gold Fractional BG-530
Choice 1853 PCGS AU58 One Dollar Territorial Gold Fractional BG-530 is a perfect AU with just a touch of rub on the high points. Orange peel toned and lustrous this coin is PQ and won't spend much time on the available page. Hurry on this amazing piece of...
Added: 9/28/2008 Views: 954 Price: Not Available

1853 $2.50 PCGS MS64 Gold Liberty Quarter Eagle
Attractive 1853 $2.50 PCGS MS64 Gold Liberty Quarter Eagle is well struck and exhibits lustrous cartwheel effect. Bold motifs are centered over well preserved fields. Frosty luster is abundant. A few neat die cracks evident from first star to 1 in date an...
Added: 1/21/2009 Views: 940 Price: Not Available

1853-O $1 AU US Gold Dollar Type I
This attraictive gold dollar exhibits light wear throughout with a medium golden color throughout the natural surfaces. I would call her a choice AU example. ...
Added: 3/16/2009 Views: 951 Price: Not Available

1862 $1 US Gold Dollar Type III - AU
This bright and flashy gold dollar exhibits very high AU details and shows very little evidence, only a smooth part of the edge at the top, of a loop that was long since removed. There is also a slight bend in the coin that is worth mentioning. Additional...
Added: 3/16/2009 Views: 953 Price: Not Available

1870 25c PCGS MS65 Territorial Gold Fractional BG-808
Beautiful 1870 Territorial Gold Fractional BG-808 exhibits satiny smooth orange peel fields with lovely plum hues at rim. Fields are well preserved and problem free. Devices well struck with terrific eye appeal throughout. Scarce in such a lofty state....
Added: 9/28/2008 Views: 950 Price: Not Available

1874 50c PCGS MS64 Territorial Gold Fractional BG-1052
Gorgeous 1874 Half Dollar Round Territorial Gold Fractional, Small Indian Head with value and CAL in wreath- BG-1052. Flashy and superbly struck this piece will please the fussiest of us. Device is frosty and well struck, fields are glassy and lustrous. W...
Added: 9/28/2008 Views: 945 Price: Not Available

1876 50c PCGS MS64 Territorial Gold Fractional BG-949
Breath taking 1876 Octagonal Half Dollar Territorial Gold Fractional- BG-949 is flashy and exhibits amazing eye appeal! Devices are needle sharp and glowing in frosty luster. Golden yellow fields are well preserved and flashy. Coin is every bit the assign...
Added: 9/28/2008 Views: 955 Price: Not Available

1878 $3 PCGS AU58 Three Dollar Gold Piece
Added: 1/24/2009 Views: 947 Price: Not Available

1881 $10 AU US Lightly Circulated Liberty Gold Eagle
Now, I could see this coin coming back MS60 but Id be more comfortable calling it a very strong AU. There is still mint bloom in the protected areas with a number of handling abrasions limiting the grade to the lowest tier of Mint-State. However, there i...
Added: 3/16/2009 Views: 964 Price: Not Available

1883-CC $20 PCGS MS61 Gold Liberty Double Eagle
Lustrous well preserved 1883-CC $20 PCGS MS61 Gold Liberty Double Eagle is scarce. This mint-state double eagle was struck at the Carson City Mint when production was focused on silver dollars. As a result, mintages of the gold denominations were low, wit...
Added: 1/21/2009 Views: 957 Price: Not Available

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