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View the largest gallery of high-end and Monster rainbow toned Morgan dollars, an informational guide on how to tell natural vs. artificial toning, learn to price toned Morgans, view auction results of rainbow Morgans, and view what characteristics to look for in high-end toned rainbow Morgan dollars.

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NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is based out of Sarasota Florida and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by jhonecash.com.

PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service is based out of Newport Beach, CA and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by jhonecash.com.

US Mint - The US Mint is where you can get information regarding modern US coins and can order directly from the US Mint.

Collectors Universe Coin Forum - This is the pulse of the Numismatic market. Join and interact with tens of thousands of other collectors and dealers.

American Numismatic Association - The ANA was started in 1891 and is focused on providing collectors with information and advancing the numismatic knowledge of the collecting community.

TCCS (Toned Coin Collectors Soc.) - This Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the area of toned coins. Join and interact with the friendly members of this lively society of advanced collectors.


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294 Coins Found

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1884-O $1 NGC MS65 Rainbow End-Roll Toned Morgan - Jester
A carnival of colors blankets the stunning obverse of this 1884-O Morgan dollar in geometric end-roll patterns. This pattern forms around Liberty''s face that reminds me of the old court jesters that entertained kings, or were killed haha, during the midd...
Added: 3/9/2011 Views: 946 Price: Not Available

1884-O $1 NGC MS65* CAC Boldly Toned Rainbow Morgan
Waves of beautiful shades of emerald green, royal blue, and magenta flow across the obverse in a full spectrum flow beginning in the first cycle down by the date and spreading upwards to the terminal cycle near the rims near Libertys cap. The greens and b...
Added: 11/10/2011 Views: 962 Price: Not Available

1884-O $1 NGC MS65* STAR Banded Rainbow Toned Morgan
This wonderful Rainbow toned Morgan dollar exhibits a fabulous banded rainbow flowing across the obverse in shades of deep green, purple, magenta, royal blue, yellow, ice blue, and orange covering most of the obverse of this beautiful coin. On the reverse...
Added: 10/13/2009 Views: 963 Price: Not Available

1884-O $1 NGC MS65* Star Brighly Toned Morgan Dollar
Beatuifully toned in sunny shades of orange, lemony yellow, and sky blue flowing over the clean and lustrous obverse of this lovely Gem O-Mint Morgan. ...
Added: 9/2/2011 Views: 976 Price: Not Available

1884-O $1 PCGS MS64 CAC Glowing Orange Toned Morgan
This coin is so glowing orange, that if Superman were to own it, he would not need the rays from our sun to strengthen him. Bright golden orange accompanied by sunny yellow cover nearly the entire frosty obverse of this beautiful coin. Magenta dominates t...
Added: 12/5/2011 Views: 954 Price: Not Available

1884-O $1 PCGS MS64 CAC Textile Toned Morgan - Textile Fire
Added: 1/19/2011 Views: 1149 Price: Not Available

1884-O $1 PCGS MS64 Monster Rainbow Toned Morgan - CAC
Intense deep neon shades of royal blue, emerald green, magenta, and yellow flow across the obverse of this stunning coin with such vividity it will blow your mind. This amazing coin features a full spectrum massive rainbow billowing across lustrous surfac...
Added: 9/12/2011 Views: 962 Price: Not Available

1884-O NGC MS64* STAR CAC Monster Toned Morgan - Watermelon Burst
This Monster coin has a stunning look with deep burning orange and magenta over Liberty''s hair and face surrounded by royal blue and neon green in the fields flowing out towards the rim. The luster is exceptional for an O mint Morgan dollar. ...
Added: 3/26/2011 Views: 1053 Price: Not Available

1884-O PCGS MS63 Banded Textile Rainbow Toned Morgan
This fantastic rainbow Morgan Dollar exhibits a powerful emerald green, blue, magenta, and gold rainbow on the left obverse blending into icy blue speckled with pink and peach textile dots. The right obverse is awash in golden peach toning. This is a love...
Added: 1/2/2010 Views: 945 Price: Not Available

1884-O PCGS MS64 Banded Rainbow Toned Morgan
If you could shoot a rainbow and it would bleed, then this coin was held right under it as it's lifeblood poured onto this fantastic coin and permenantly enblazened the spirit of that rainbow onto the obverse of this powerful Monster Rainbow Toner. Intens...
Added: 10/14/2009 Views: 947 Price: Not Available

1884-O PCGS MS65 Green Magenta Rainbow Toned Morgan
Powerful emerald green dominates the left obverse accompanied by shades of magenta, blue, yellow, light icy blue, and peach flowing across the rest of the obverse. The luster is nice and frosty and the reverse is essentially white. ...
Added: 10/14/2009 Views: 965 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 NGC MS64 Rainbow Toned Morgan - Blue Gill
This impressively lustrous 1885 Rainbow Morgan features stunning hues of orange, lime, icy blue, and heavy pink flowing across the obverse horizontally from right to left. Across Libertys face and cheek near her ear is a bold blue textile pattern. My fami...
Added: 5/27/2011 Views: 1081 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 NGC MS64 Sunshine Rainbow Toned Morgan
Let the sunshine....Let the sunshine in. Yep, this coin is reminiscent of sunshine breaking through a gloomy day. There is almost a symbolism when you ponder this beautiful coin. Sunshine washing away the rain. Warm feelings of love overcoming a blue sadn...
Added: 1/11/2012 Views: 1004 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 NGC MS64 Textile Toned Morgan - Mauve Freckles
The very rare band of the rainbow spectrum of mauve-purple is heavy across the obverse of this lustrous and beautiful coin. Across the face of Liberty and down through the neck is a field of stunning and bold textile dots of royal blue, yellow, and orange...
Added: 1/16/2011 Views: 1097 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 NGC MS64* STAR CAC Rainbow Toned Morgan
Beautiful honey-gold blends into pumpkin orange and magenta forming a pleasing textile pattern covering Liberty''s face and neck. The textile blends in with the royal blue and emerald green shades flowing towards the rims across the nice and lustrous surf...
Added: 3/9/2011 Views: 965 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 NGC MS65* STAR Rainbow Toned Morgan - Semi PL
Stunning neon green, blue, and a beigy lime flows into burning brick red in a rarely seen extensive band of third cycle toning. The coin is quite PL and the colors really pop in-hand....
Added: 4/6/2011 Views: 977 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 NGC MS67 Toned Morgan Dollar - Blue Suede Superb Gem
Beautiful superb gem surfaces are adorned with tealy blue and lime across the entire obverse of this wonderfully lustrous and well preserved 1885 Morgan. ...
Added: 6/13/2011 Views: 1084 Price: Not Available

1885 $1 PCGS MS65 Monochrome Toned Morgan - Smooth Blueberry
Superb PQ surfaces that are amazingly smooth and free of contact marks of which the obverse is completely bathed in a blueberry purple of the near terminal band of toning color in a monochromatic wave. A swath of pink and emerald green textile dots follow...
Added: 1/13/2012 Views: 958 Price: Not Available

1885 1c NGC PF64BN Emerald Green Toned Proof Indian
Very pretty proof Indian Cent with beautiful shades of deep emerald green with hints of blue and gold over nicely mirrored surfaces. Housed in an old NGC "fattie" holder, this would make a stunning addition to any collection. ...
Added: 5/27/2011 Views: 940 Price: Not Available

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