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View the largest gallery of high-end and Monster rainbow toned Morgan dollars, an informational guide on how to tell natural vs. artificial toning, learn to price toned Morgans, view auction results of rainbow Morgans, and view what characteristics to look for in high-end toned rainbow Morgan dollars.

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NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is based out of Sarasota Florida and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by jhonecash.com.

PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service is based out of Newport Beach, CA and is one of the top 2 grading companies for US Coins, Patterns, and Medals. It is one of the two preferred grading companies by jhonecash.com.

US Mint - The US Mint is where you can get information regarding modern US coins and can order directly from the US Mint.

Collectors Universe Coin Forum - This is the pulse of the Numismatic market. Join and interact with tens of thousands of other collectors and dealers.

American Numismatic Association - The ANA was started in 1891 and is focused on providing collectors with information and advancing the numismatic knowledge of the collecting community.

TCCS (Toned Coin Collectors Soc.) - This Society is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the area of toned coins. Join and interact with the friendly members of this lively society of advanced collectors.


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294 Coins Found

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1862 H10c PCGS MS65 Stunning Toned Gem Seated Half Dime
Blazing luster with attractive teal blue and golden red surfaces across the obverse and reverse. The strike is powerfully impressed and the coin features surface preservation consistent with the Gem 65 grade assigned by PCGS. ...
Added: 5/5/2010 Views: 992 Price: Not Available

1863 3cs NGC PF67 Stunning Toned Proof Trime
Amazing, the combination of superb gem Proof surfaces and outstanding color make this coin a ripping good deal at my asking price. Varigated shades of blue, rosy peach, and lime green grace the near-cameo and nicely mirrored obverse while the reverse is a...
Added: 8/19/2010 Views: 995 Price: Not Available

1864 1c NGC PF65+* Star RB Monster Toned Proof Indian Cent
What? No Cameo? Seriously, just look at that crazy monster. That coin has deeper contrast than the vast majority of the ones I have seen designated as cameo. The color on this stunner is knockout magenta with coppery-orange over Libertys face and part of ...
Added: 4/28/2012 Views: 1001 Price: Not Available

1865 2c PCGS PR66RB Monster Toned Proof Two Cent Piece
Yeah, that is an Ultra Cameo reverse on this baby. The obverse is deep magenta throughout with only hints of royal blue on the right side of the obverse. The mirrors are deep and the color is mindbending. The reverse is steel blue and cyan with royal blue...
Added: 3/3/2011 Views: 994 Price: Not Available

1866 2c NGC PF64RB Toned Proof Two Cent Piece - CAC
Although it is hard to see from the pictures, this coin has a lime green glow to it throughout the obverse and reverse. It is hard to find attractive two cent pieces and it is even harder to find them with pleasing color. This coin boasts a CAC sticker an...
Added: 3/16/2010 Views: 989 Price: Not Available

1866 3cn NGC MS62 Nicely Toned Three Cent Nickel
This fantastic little piece is exceptionally toned on both the obverse and reverse in pastel shades of orange, lime, blue, and peach. MS62????? Whatever. Give me this MS62 over a boring, hazy MS64. ...
Added: 1/16/2011 Views: 998 Price: Not Available

1868 10c PCGS PR64 Superbly Toned Proof Seated Dime
Beautifully toned on both the obverse and reverse with rainbow hues of royal blue, peach, green, lavender, and red. The surfaces are deeply mirrored and free of hairlines and other distractions. I took two separate shots of the coin. One of the shots show...
Added: 8/3/2010 Views: 1023 Price: Not Available

1868 2c NGC PF65RB Stunningly Toned Proof Two Cent Piece
This massively beautiful Gem Red-Brown Two Cent piece exhibits stunning shades of lime, coppery red, magenta, and teal-blue on the deeply mirrored fields of the obverse and reverse. This was a VERY difficult coin to image so if anything, it looks much bet...
Added: 6/13/2011 Views: 995 Price: Not Available

1868 50c NGC PF65 Beautiful Near Cameo Toned Proof Seated Half
Beautiful, original, and worthy of the cameo designation, this lovely Gem Proof Seated half dollar is worthy of consideration if you collect the series or simply appreciate a beautiful coin. Shades of lime green float around the rims blending into a fabul...
Added: 9/12/2011 Views: 1272 Price: Not Available

1879 1c NGC PF67* BN Toned Proof Indian Cent
Added: 4/20/2012 Views: 1010 Price: Not Available

1879 3cn PCGS PR65 Ghosts of Easter Toned Three Cent Nickel
This lovely coin is bathed in shades of spring pastels overlaid in a ghostly translucense across both the obverse and reverse. PCGS deemed this coin a Gem Proof and I wholeheartedly agree with the grade. ...
Added: 3/16/2010 Views: 1017 Price: Not Available

1879-S $1 NGC MS65* Star CAC Stunning Rainbow Morgan - Amarillo Sky
The brightest sunshine yellow awashes nearly the entire obverse of this Gem beauty with the lower obverse bathed in vivid neon shades of magenta, royal blue, and emerald green. This coin has a very striking presence as this yellow is rarely seen stretched...
Added: 1/14/2012 Views: 996 Price: Not Available

1879-S $1 PCGS MS64 Green Blue Textile Morgan Ex. Shepherd
I know, I know, you cannot see the textile very strong in the picture. Try as I did, I simply could not get a shot showing how strong the textile is on the coin. It basically covers Libertys entire cheek and neck with blue dots. The obverse is mainly emer...
Added: 8/19/2010 Views: 997 Price: Not Available

1879-S $1 PCGS MS66 CAC Lustrous Toned Morgan - Spiderwebs
Wild! That word just barely describes this amazing coin. Bright white lines burst through the obverse criscrossing over the intensely lustrous surfaces of this stunning coin. This coin appears to be a rare end-roller where rubber bands were stretched acro...
Added: 11/27/2011 Views: 1004 Price: Not Available

1880 $1 NGC PF65 RED CAMEO Goloid Dollar J-1646
Judd 1646 Low R6. This example is one of only 3 CAMEO graded coins at NGC and one of only 2 Red Cameos. Only 1 finer in PR66RDCAM exists so this coin having a population of 1/1 (one with one finer) is quite exhilerating. In addition to being the second fi...
Added: 3/16/2010 Views: 1015 Price: Not Available

1880 $1 NGC PF66* STAR CAMEO Toned Proof Trade Dollar
Ex: Simpson. The 1880 had the highest proof mintage in the Trade dollar series, but it is actually not as common as one might expect. A total of 1,987 proofs were issued, and of the number that survive, the majority do not show cameo contrast and grade be...
Added: 10/22/2010 Views: 984 Price: Not Available

1880-S $1 Monster Toned Morgan Dollar - Rocky
Added: 7/15/2011 Views: 1077 Price: Not Available

1880-S $1 NGC MS64 CAC Dramatic Album Toned Morgan
Rarely does an album toned Morgan have this dramatic of a look. As is typical with album toners, the luster is a tad muted but does not distract or present itself as a haze or anything detrimental such as that. Honestly, if the luster were booming, I woul...
Added: 11/10/2011 Views: 1011 Price: Not Available

1880-S $1 NGC MS64* STAR Mirrored Rainbow Toned Morgan
Superbly deep mirrors, but I guess not enough for a PL designation on the holder, make my image of this coin appear dark but it really explodes in the light with attractive rainbow hues. ...
Added: 9/12/2011 Views: 1005 Price: Not Available

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