Large Size Legal Tenders $1 Fr-16 to Fr-40

During the Civil War, both the North as well as the South developed their own currency. Ripped apart by war and teetering on bankruptcy, Congress ordered the printing of a number of notes. These Large Size Notes were commonly called horse blankets because of their dimensions. Issued from 1861 to 1928, their original size was approximately 7.42 inches by 3.13 inches. Cost cutting measures have reduced todays note to the more familiar 6.14 inches by 2.61 inches. Demand Notes or Greenbacks minted only in 1861 represent Americas first type of Federal Bank money.

All notes that was printed and issued to the public is still legal tender today and can be redeemed to any bank for face value. They exception is the 1900 $10,000 gold certificate that was tossed out of a window during a fire in 1936. They were punched cancelled and therefor have no face value for redemption except for collectors.

United States Legal Tender (United States Notes) notes consisted of five issues:

  • The first issue of March 10, 1862, was issued in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000. There are two seperate obligationson the reverse side of these notes.
  • The second issue, dated August 1, 1862, was confined to $1 and $2 notes, although the face design does indicate that a $3 denomination was planned, but not released.
  • The third issue, dated March 10, 1863, was printed in the same denominations as the first issue, but changes were made to the back design.
  • The fourth issue was printed under authority of the Congressional Act of March 3rd, 1863. These notes were issued from $1 to $10,000 denominations and included the of Series 1869, 1874, 1878, 1880, 1907, 1917 and 1923, with all except the 1869 notes carrying the designation "United States Note." The 1869 series was designated as "Treasury Note." The United States introduced paper with silk threads as a deterrent to counterfeiting with the Series 1869 notes.
  • The fifth issue was limited to the $10 denomination series of 1901. (The Bison Note). These notes were issued under the authority of the Legal Tender Acts of 1862 and 1863.

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12 Notes Found (Exclude Star Notes)

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Fr.-18 1869 $1 Legal Tender (Rainbow Note) # V2863828 PCGS-58PPQ
This is the famous 1869 $1 Legal Tender commonly referred to as the Rainbow Note. It received its name because of the beautiful Rainbow Colors across the face. The face features a portrait of President George Washington in the center and a vignette of Col...
Added: 11/7/2014 Views: 4582 Price: $3,110.00

Fr.-36 1917 $1 Legal Tender PMG-63PPQ & GE Serial # B53A
18% Off
Another in a series of two-digit serial numbered Legal Tenders from the B-A block. It took me quite a while to acquire all of these. Serial Number B53A is certified by PMG as A Choice Uncirculated-63E...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4598 Price: $1,650.00


Fr.-36 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star Note Ser. 3325479B PCGS 67PPQ
PCGS POP 1/ tied. This is tied for the finest 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star note known (I have the other one as well), or for that matter any Large Size Star Note, that I have ever seen by either PMG or PCGS. The serial number on this one is *3325479B. This i...
Added: 8/23/2012 Views: 4652 Price: SOLD

Fr.-36* 1917 $1 Legal Tender STAR *3657711B PMG AU-58
47% Off
This is a ver nice and well centered 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star note. I purchased this note as a Uncirculated star note. It seems that it did not quite make it. I still have a hard time trying to locat...
Added: 5/18/2010 Views: 4584 Price: $2,960.00


Fr.-36* 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star Ser. # *3325480B PCGS Superb GEM-67PPQ
PCGS POP 1/ tied. This is tied for the finest 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star note known (I have the other one as well), or for that matter any Large Size Star Note, that Ive ever seen by either PMG or PCGS. The serial number on this one is *3325480B. This is o...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4657 Price: SOLD

Fr.-36* 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star Ser. # *4003699B PMG VF-25
40% Off
Here is a 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star note. This note is commonly referred to as the Woodchopper of Pioneer Family note. This is a decent star for the type collector. There are no rips, tears or pinhol...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4592 Price: $625.00

Fr.-37 1917 $1 Legal Tender Ser. K65544076A PMG58 EPQ
For more information on this note please contact Jhon E Cash at 214-769-9936 or or

Kimberly at 214-364-4917 or

Added: 3/18/2018 Views: 4580 Price: $775.00


Fr.-37* 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star Ser. # *8714428B PCGS Superb GEM-67PPQ
PCGS POP 1/none finer. PCGS-67PPQ for a Large Size Star Note? This is the finest 1917 $1 Legal Tender Star note, or for that matter any Large Size Star Note, that I have ever seen by either PMG or PCGS. The next highest PCSG grade in this star note is a P...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4654 Price: SOLD

Fr.-37a 1917 $1 Legal Tender Ser. # H13592152A PMG-64EPQ
16% Off
There are only 104 examples of this reverse signature combination note. The Fr-37a at was at one time considered a error note, until it was given its own FR number. This 1917 $1 Legal Tender note has ...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4589 Price: $2,195.00

Fr.-39 1917 $1 Legal Tender Uncirculated Ser. # T2A PMG-63EPQ
I finally found it! I've been searching for this note since late 2003 when I acquired the T1A note. This Fr-39 is the mate to my other Fr-39, serial number T1A that I purchased in 2003 at a Stacks sale in New York. I now can offer a matching 2 piece set. ...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4604 Price: $9,850.00

Fr.-39 1917 $1 Legal Tender (Unique) PMG-62 Serial # T1A
THIS NOTE IS UNIQUE! This 1917 $1 Legal Tender note is Unique to the FR # as it is the only Fr-39 serial number one note known to exist.It was originally a Presentation note offered out to special dignitaries by the US government. There are only three Fr...
Added: 1/1/2010 Views: 4659 Price: $33,500.00


Fr.-40 1923 $1 Legal Tender Star Ser. *4429D PCGS 65PPQ
Thios is one great GEM 1923 $1 Lewgal Tender Star Note. This attractive and fully embossed $1 replacement star Legal Tender is from the small run of four-digit replacments enumerated in the census. This small group produced essentially all the high...
Added: 1/13/2011 Views: 4634 Price: $4,895.00

12 Notes Found

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