Small Size Federal Reserve Notes $500 - 1934

Small Size Notes-1928 to Present

After 68 years of prosperity, our large size currency felt the impact of modern times. So the large size US curency note came to an end due to the economics of the times. Tons of ink and paper were required to produce our currency to an ever expanding economy. The currency needed to fulfill this new demand was astronomical. The government realized that many millions of dollars could be saved if our currency was reduced in size. This was the direction the US Government took as on July 10, 1929 the first of the new small sized notes were placed into general circulation.

The new small sized notes were reduced in size from 7.42 inches by 3.13 inches to 6.14 inches ,X 2.61 inches. This cost cutting measures saved the government millions of dollars in ink and paper annually.

Small Size-Federal Reserve Notes

Small size Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are the mainstay of the notes we currently use today. Although they were issued in denominations of $1 to $10,000, only the $1 to $100 are in current use today. On July 14, 1969 President Nixon signed into law a bill requiring any ,denomination over $100 bill be returned to the Treasury Department to be destroyed. The last $500 to $10,000 were last printed in 1946 and were stopped being issued by the Federal Reserve Banks in 1969 by then President Richard Nixon. All FRN issues have a Green Seal.

  • The $1 FRN was ,,issued in 1963 to current date
  • The $2 FRN was ,,issued in 1976, 1995 and 2003.
  • The $5 FRN to $100 FRNs was issued in 1928, 1934, 1950 series and current to date.
  • The $500 to $10,000 FRNs were series of 1928 and 1934 only.

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18 Notes Found (Exclude Star Notes)

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Fr.-2201 1934 $500 Boston FRN Ser. # A00055813A PMG-66EPQ
This is a very special note. It is a Fr.-2201A or a 1934 $500 Boston FRN in a Superb GEM PMG-66EPQ holder. For your information, Boston is one of the most desired districts, because it is the first district. The serial number is A00055813A and has a dark ...
Added: 2/20/2016 Views: 4640 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2201B* 1934 $500 Star New York PMG VF-35 Serial # B00003206*
FOR SALE-PART OF THE JHON E CASH COLLECTION This 1934 $500 FRN Star is from the New York district. Of the 15 known, PMG has graded most of them in a VF or less grade. The serial number is B00003206*. It has been graded as a PMG VF-35. It faces up much nic...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4703 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2201B* 1934 $500 Star New York PMG VF-35 Serial # B00001613*
100% Off
PMG POP 2/1 finer! This is a real nice 1934 $500 FRN star from the New York District. This is the 2nd finest graded by PMG. The finest is in a PMG-40, one grade higher. Currently there are only 15 kno...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4727 Price: $6,950.00


Fr.-2201C* 1934 $500 Star Philadelphia PMG AU-50 Serial # C00002556*
PMG POP 2/1 finer. This is the 2nd finest known of the 13 known 1934 $500 Philadelphia FRN Stars. The serial number is C00002556* and is graded as a PMG AU-50. This note is part of the Jhon E Cash Collection. The one graded higher is a PMG-64EPQ and cost ...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4715 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2201C* 1934 $500 Star Philadelphia PMG VF-25 Serial # C00002512*
This is a problem free 1934 $500 FRN Philadelphia Star note. The serial number is C00002512* It has been graded as a PMG VF-25. You wont see many Philadelphia $500 star notes as there are only 13 known. This VF note fits right in the middle of the pack in...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4540 Price: $8,150.00


Fr.-2201F* 1934 $500 Star Atlanta PMG EF-40 Serial # F00002886*
PMG POP 2/1 finer. I bought this 1934 $500 Atlanta star note in late 2004. I remember the day well as I purchased many $500 stars that day. The serial number is F00002886* and is graded as a PMG VF-40. It is one of the best looking VF-40s you will ever se...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4691 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Chicago Star PMG EF-40EPQ Serial # G00001430*
This is a nice 1934 $500 FRN Star from the Chicago district. The serial number is G00001430*. It has the PMG "EPQ" designation which means it has never been cleaned, pressed or processed in any way. Its totally original, which is rare in itself for these ...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4667 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Star Chicago (Not for sale) PMG VF-30 Serial # G00002215*
NOT FOR SALE----Part of a Roll over set. This is a 1934 $500 Chicago FRN Star. The serial number is G00002215*. THIS NOTE IS PART OF THE ONLY KNOWN ROLLOVER SET KNOWN FOR HIGH DENOMINATIONS. It is graded as a PMG VF-30. Although it is not noted on the hol...
Added: 5/10/2010 Views: 4660 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Star Chicago PMG EF-40 Serial # G00003791*
I bought this 1934 $500 Chicago star note in 2004. The serial number is G00003791* and is graded as a PMG VF-40. It is one of the best looking PMG EF-40s you'll ever see. A true no problem note with no rips, tears, pinholes, stains or anything else. great...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4688 Price: SOLD

Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Star Chicago PMG EF-45 Serial # G00004099*
This is a real nice upper mid-grade 1934 $500 FRN star from the Chicago district. It has a serial number of G00004099*. It has been graded as a PMG EF-45. PMG has notated tear at upper left margin, but it is hard, if not impossible to see with the naked e...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4542 Price: $8,525.00


Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Star Chicago PMG VF-20 Serial # G00000412*
100% Off
This 1934 $500 FRN Star is from the Chicago district. The serial number is G00000412*. It has been graded as a PMG EF-20. It faces up much nicer than the grade states. See the scans. There is a notati...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4773 Price: $7,250.00

Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Star Chicago PMG VF-30 Serial # G00000002*
This is one of those notes that only come around once in a lifetime. This is a Chicago $500 FRN star with the super low single-digit serial number of G00000002*. It has been graded as a PMG VF-30, although the grade is not that important. This note was di...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4837 Price: $655,000.00


Fr.-2201G* 1934 $500 Star Chicago PMG VF-35 Serial # G00001321*
100% Off
This 1934 $500 Chicago FRN star is one of 49 known. The serial number is G00001321*. Of the 49 known most are in VF grade. There are no rips. tears or pinholes. It currently resides in the Jhon E Cash...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4731 Price: $7,450.00

Fr.-2201J* 1934 $500* Kansas City Star (Unique) Ser. # J00000001* PMG-63EPQ

This is the” Holy Grail” of all small sized US Currency notes. It is certainly one of the most prized and expensive US small siz...

Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4591 Price: $325,000.00


Fr.-2201L* 1934 $500 San Francisco Star PMG VF-20 Serial # L00002799*
This is one of 14 known 1934 $500 FRN stars from the San Francisco district. The four-digit serial number is L00002799* and has been graded as a PMG VF-20. Most of the 14 known stars are in low VF grade or less. This star note is from the Jhon E Cash Star...
Added: 4/1/2010 Views: 4684 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2202 1934A $500 Chicago FRN Ser. G00352512A PMG 65 EPQ
This is a very nice 1934A Chicago $500 FRN. The serial number is G00352512A and resides in a PMG GEM-65EPQ holder. 1934A $500 bills are more scarce than its little brother, the 1934 $500 series. As you view the note you will notice the nice even margins o...
Added: 9/22/2014 Views: 4678 Price: SOLD


Fr.-2202B 1934-A $500 New York FRN Ser. B00335033A PMG-65 EPQ
100% Off
This is a beautiful example of a PMG-65EPQ GEM 1934A $500 bill with the serial number of B00335033A. The 1934A series is much scarcer than the 1934 plain. As you can see it has the great embossing and...
Added: 4/3/2015 Views: 4714 Price: $3,550.00


Fr.-2202G 1934 $500 Chicago FRN Ser. G00051804A PCGS 64 PPQ
This is a nice example of an original 1934 mule Chicago $500 FRN. The serial number is G00051804A and is in a PCGS-64PPQ hilder.

At the price I have this listed at it will not last long here on this website. It is totally original with NO rips, tear...

Added: 9/22/2014 Views: 4687 Price: SOLD

18 Notes Found

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